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Dampers Keep things balanced

A comprehensive line of damper products for airflow control in commercial and industrial HVAC systems.

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Venco Products - Dampers
Venco Products - Life Safety Dampers

Life-Safety Dampers

Life safety dampers protect openings in walls, ceilings, floors and/or partitions to prevent the spread of fire and/or smoke. (Only available to customers outside of the US)

Venco Products - Control Dampers

Control Dampers

Designed to regulate the flow of air in commercial and industrial HVAC systems.

Venco Products - Industrial Dampers

Industrial Dampers

For use in industrial and severe-duty applications. Heavy duty flanged-style frame dampers with various blade styles and pressure classes available.

Venco Products - Backdraft Dampers

Backdraft Dampers

Designed to allow airflow in one direction and prevent reverse airflow. Available for exhaust or intake applications.

Venco Products - Balancing Dampers

Balancing Dampers

Used in HVAC systems to balance airflow.

Venco Products - Relief Dampers

Relief Dampers

Relief dampers allow excess airflow to lower indoor air pressure using counterbalance weights.

Venco Products - Bubble Tight Dampers

Bubble Tight Isolation Dampers

A line of bubble tight isolation dampers offer a tight seal and enable complete shut-off capabilities.

Venco Products - Actuators


A wide selection of electric and manual actuators from a variety of vendors.